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Our Mission

To understand the fundamental mechanisms of maternal-fetal biology in order to develop innovative fetal therapies for genetic diseases and pregnancy complications.

To create a collaborative interdisciplinary research environment to train the next generation of scientists/physicians.

Our Vision

To translate discoveries in biology and technology into prenatal therapies that will transform medical care for expectant families.

Our Values

The MacKenzie Lab is a diverse group of scientists from various backgrounds and from all over the world. As such, we approach each other with cultural humility, and we believe:

  • You deserve to be here as your full self, and so do others.
  • Good ideas come from anyone; first-draft thinking is encouraged.
  • In creating a safe space to learn, to speak up, to talk to people and not at people.
  • In making mistakes but acknowledging both intent and consequences of our actions.
  • Failure puts the “re” in research.
  • In celebrating success.
  • Being kind to yourself first is essential to being kind to others.
  • Everyone gets and gives respect. Respect is shown by considering if words are true, necessary, and kind.
  • Every voice is heard.
  • Credit must be given where it is deserved.
  • In working with honesty and integrity.