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MacKenzie Lab

Our Mission

To understand the fundamental mechanisms of maternal-fetal biology in order to develop innovative fetal therapies for genetic diseases and pregnancy complications.

To create a collaborative interdisciplinary research environment to train the next generation of scientists/physicians.

Our Vision

To translate discoveries in biology and technology into prenatal therapies that will transform medical care for expectant families.


Recent Publications

In Utero Enzyme-Replacement Therapy for Infantile-Onset Pompe's Disease.
The impact of in utero transfusions on perinatal outcomes in patients with alpha thalassemia major: the UCSF registry.
Prenatal Somatic Cell Gene Therapies: Charting a Path Toward Clinical Applications (Proceedings of the CERSI-FDA Meeting).
Thymic and extrathymic Aire-expressing cells in maternal-fetal tolerance.
Fetal therapies and trials for lysosomal storage diseases: a survey of attitudes of parents and patients.